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Separate to Elevate

Coach Smith is an expert in sport performance development. He has a master’s degree in exercise science along with myriad sport performance certifications. Coach Smith’s most impactful education has come from being mentored by world class coaches in their respective disciplines and applying those practical lessons over the past decade.

Professional Development/Certifications:


Separation Speed System

Small group comprehensive customized training for local athletes.

Pillars of the system are:

    Linear Acceleration · Multi·Direction · Absolute Speed · Strength · Power · Energy System
    Documentation · Education · Labs
    Workshops · Goal Setting · Mental Toolbox Development · Evaluation
    Sleep · Modalities · Documentation · Evaluation
    Self Discipline · Accountability · Documentation · Evaluation

Goals of the system are to:

  • Cultivate Grit
  • Provide a Clear Why Through
  • Improve Performance
  • Reduce Injuries
  • Get Results

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"Coach Matt Smith is one of the best coaches I have ever known. His impact is well beyond strength & conditioning, which is at the highest of levels… It is also about life lessons, mentality, character & ethos. “Competitive Greatness” comes from being well conditioned - mentally, physically & emotionally - and being ready to be at your best when your best is needed - that is the power of his programming. Transformational is the right word for Coach Smith’s efforts."
Brian Griffin
Director of Coaching Operations, Atlanta Falcons
"My team has worked with Coach Smith and his trainers for 8 years now. This has been an instrumental piece to the success of our team and the individual athletes as a whole. The knowledge, training, and mentorship Coach Smith provides is world class. The development of the total athlete, both the physical and the mental, is something every young athlete can and should benefit from. We are lucky to have access to him!"
Coach Jonathan Scribner
St. John's College Highschool Varsity Girls Basketball Coach
"Coach Smith was my speed and performance coach throughout the entirety of my high school years. Coming in as a freshmen I was merely a fraction of the athlete I am today. After four years under Coach's thorough training regiment I was prepared both physically and mentally to play division one lacrosse at the highest level in the Ivy League."
"Coach Smith's workouts strongly differ from the general weight lifting circuit that can be completed mindlessly. He covers a variety of movements and combines the use of differing muscle groups which is directly replicable in game like situations. Outside of his amazing knowledge, he brings pure enthusiasm and devotion to every training session. Whether it be 6am in the morning, or on a dark cold winter evening after a long day of school, Coach Smith would never fail to put forth maximum effort for his players. I would highly suggest taking the opportunity to work with Coach Smith, he has trained athletes of all shapes and sizes. In the end he always produces results."
George Alverez
Harvard Lacrosse

Camps, Coaching and more...


A challenging, fun, competitive atmosphere that educates athletes on the fundamentals of weight training, acceleration, agility and max velocity.

Educate the athlete on how to biomechanically set themselves up for improved power and movement efficiency.

Provide clear and specific feedback on every rep to provide the athlete with the tools needed to improve the skill set of running effectively.

Help cultivate grit and a growth mindset in the athletes’ approach to hard work.


Coach Smith is a certified nutrition coach who has taught nutrition courses and helped athletes cultivate sustainable healthy nutrition related habits for the past decade.

Coach Smith’s coaching philosophy is to catch athletes winning and build on their strengths, address limiting factors, build outcome based strategies that maximize current resources, build awareness of food choices, focus on nutrient density, promote better habits that maximize nutrition and to look at every situation from a big picture approach.


Most coaches, athletes and parents agree that an athlete’s mindset and mental toughness plays a major role in the outcome of competition and sustainable success in life. However, many organizations and teams do not prioritize the development of that skill.

Coach Smith has been personally mentored by the most sought after “mental skills” and “process” coaches used by some of the highest performing sport organizations in the world. He has used those methods to help athletes develop practical tools to overcome adversity and develop grit in their pursuit of excellence in sport performance and life.

In addition, Coach Smith offers in season/off season training programs and consulting.
"Coach Smith’s deep knowledge in exercise science, combined with his passion for not only developing great athletes but great people, makes him one of the best coaches I’ve seen in the field of strength and conditioning."
Justin Su'a
Head of Mental Performance, Tampa Bay Rays
"The man who introduced me to athletic performance training. Coach Smith influenced both hard work and top tier results from me and a plethora of D1/NFL players. Training with Coach Smith and his staff granted highschool guys the ability to be exposed with professional training. "
Quinten Johnson​
Michigan Football​
"My first time working with Coach Smith was entering high-school. That was my first time ever working with a trainer. I quickly noticed how every athlete he trains, no matter the level, is trained like a world class athlete. Coach Smith has a unique way of training the mind and body at the same time. The body will only go as far as the mind. I learned that in my years working with Coach Smith. Coach Smith is one of the most precise trainers around."
Keilan Robinson
Head of Mental Performance, Tampa Bay Rays
"Coach Smith, is one of a kind. He is so equipped within the field of strength, conditioning, and all its facets. During my time at St. John's College High School (2014-2017) he helped me develop my speed, agility, and strength. Not only did I develop at SJC, but everything he taught me carried over into my athletic career at Virginia Tech. Technical aspect of Coach Smith and his training is top tier and it will show within your longevity as an athlete."
Aisha Seppard
Professional Basketball Player

Coach Smith's Story

Coach Matt Smith

St John's College High School

Since becoming the Director of Sport Performance at St. John’s College High School in 2014 Coach Smith has extensively changed the athletic program into a culture of excellence.

Coach Smith accomplished this by focusing on purposeful programming for all types of athletes. Coach Smith brought world class and cutting-edge techniques in performance training, mental skills and nutrition tailored specifically to various levels and demographics.

Coach Smith designed fully integrated performance spaces with well-designed strength and conditioning, cardiovascular, recovery, nutrition facilities. That process has been validated with historic success at St. John’s College High School athletics and in the lives of the athletes that Matt has been able to work with.

In coach Matt Smith’s first five years as the director of sport performance at St. John’s, the school won more WCAC championships than it had won in the previous fifteen, while consistently competing against nationally ranked opponents, including:

  • a historic football championship (first time in 28 years)
  • boys basketball championship (first time in 16 years)
  • girls basketball championship (finished the season with a top 5 national ranking)
  • lacrosse championship (first in school history)
  • girls cross country championship (first in school history)
  • girls track and field championship (first in school history)
  • girls ice hockey championship (first in school history)
  • wrestling championship (first time in 38 years)
  • three consecutive field hockey championships (including the first championship victory in school history).

St. John’s athletics has continued to build on this record breaking momentum through present day with world class sport performance training being it’s secret sauce.

IMG Academy

During Coach Smith’s years at IMG Academy he had the privilege of working with young prodigies, some of the top professional athletes in the world and regular professional adults that wanted world class training.

Coach Smith’s skill and passion for sport performance was quickly recognized and he was recruited to DC to creative, manage and execute St. John’s sport performance training platform.

"Matt Smith has the rare ability of expert physical knowledge combined with his gift of connecting with his students and athletes in an authentic and impactful way.​"
Travis Thomas​
Performance Coach and current Leadership and Team Dynamics Coach for US Men’s Soccer
"Matt's integrity as a coach is something is unparalleled... You're going to have a hard time finding a coach that has the trajectory and background, both academic and experiential, when it comes to training athletes."
Andres Ayesta
Planos Founder and Registered Dietician
"As ignorant as I was when I was a rising freshman in high school, it did not limit my potential to be the hardest and efficient worker in the weight room or on the field. With the help of Matt Smith I was able to maximize my GOD given abilities and become the athlete I am today.​"
Mekhail Sherman
University of Georgia Football
"Training with Coach Smith during high school has been very influential for me. His knowledge of strength and conditioning has been effective in training my body for the professional level."
Jeff Dowtin
Orlando Magic
"Coach Smith is one of the most intense trainers I've ever had. He really knows how to push you to your limit and get the best out of you. He comes into every workout with positive energy that transfers to you even when you are going through tough days. I've had some of my best results working with Coach Smith!​"
Ant Cowan
Professional Basketball Player
"There was virtually no difference in my training with coach Smith and the training I received during my time at Wake Forest University. I would not be where I am today without him."
Scotty Washington
Cincinnati Bengals